Offerspill news - week 8

#Aryan Tari #Benjamin Haldorsen #Magnus Carlsen

This weekend several of Offerspill's players participated in the Hybrid Cities Cup, a brand new concept from FIDE. As part of the team from Oslo our…

Joachim B Nilsen

Offerspill Puzzlemania

#Puzzlemania #News

Lichess recently launched a new feature - the "Puzzle Storm". Going forward Offerspill will stream runs from members attempting to beat their own high-score in Puzzle…

Joachim B Nilsen

Offerspill news - week 7

#Champions Chess Tour #Magnus Carlsen #Benjamin Haldorsen

We bring a final report from the Opera Euro Rapid in which Magnus Carlsen reached the final against Wesley So.TalentOffer candidate IM Benjamin Haldorsen performed…

Joachim B Nilsen

Offerspill news - week 6

#Magnus Carlsen #Konkurranser #Champions Chess Tour

In this update we focus on the new tournament in the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour, namely the Opera Euro Rapid. Further, Offerspill has had success in…

Joachim B Nilsen

Offerspill news - week 5

#Aryan Tari #Magnus Carlsen #Konkurranser

January has gone by so quickly thanks to the very entertaining Tata Steel Masters that just finished. We bring a concluding report from the tournament which…

Joachim B Nilsen

Offerspill news - week 4

#Magnus Carlsen #Konkurranser #Nyheter

February is approaching and with it, hopefully, some good news in relation over-the-baord chess. In the meantime we can enjoy updates from the Tata Steel Masters…

Joachim B Nilsen

Magnus Carlsen on The Queens Gambit

I guess most of us has enjoyed the Queens Gambit so far. I gotta say it was a really good show that raised some timely questions,…

Jon Kristian Haarr

Offerspill Blitz Cup

Sign up to Offerspill Blitz Cup hereThe length of the cup will depend on the number of participants. We hope that you all will join! We…

Jon Kristian Haarr

Offerspill School of Chess

Starting Monday 25. we will have instructional streams with a strong player tutoring an "amateur" in chess. The tutor will watch the student play and thereafter…

Jon Kristian Haarr